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Please note that all pictures of Cercis  flowers on this website are indicative of what is possible with each cultivar in favorable growing conditions. Cercis will flower best in warm sunny locations and there is progressivly less flower as the climate becomes cooler.Chinensis(such as Avondale and Shirobana) are the only Cercis species to give prolific flowering potential in the UK, however others can also give nice displays. Red Leaf colour  is especially pronounced in cooler regions.

Cercis are small trees or shrubs which are native to many areas of the world. Their common nickname is ‘ Redbud Tree’.They are known particularly for their heart shaped leaves which can be red, yellow, green or variegated, as well as their beautiful pea- like pink or white flowers which appear in the spring usually before the leaves start to unfurl. These wonderful plants have many features which make them very attractive to gardeners in the UK: their drought tolerance, lack of invasive roots and winter hardiness all contribute to ensure that they are safe plants to place into even a small garden or patio container.

The National Collection has been recently planted into our small Arboretum to assist in defining the best varieties for our Northern European climate and to be able to provide information about which cultivars will provide the best performance in each location. We want all of our clients to be delighted with their purchase and to treasure and enjoy it for many years to come.

We are very privileged to have strong connections with the world leading Cercis breeding program led by Dr Dennis Werner of the North Carolina State University. This unique breeding work is bringing into being fantastic and  unique new cultivars.  Treetyme is the first to be able to offer  Ruby Falls and Merlot direct to the UK gardener along with other new varieties such as Silver Lining.

We invite you to browse our pages and welcome any comments or questions you may have. By buying today you have the opportunity to be among the first in Europe to grow one or more of these new Cercis varieties. Of course you may also like to buy one of the older favourites.

Whatever your purchase we can assure you of our on-going interest and concern that your Cercis brings you a life-time of pleasure in your garden.

The Treetyme Team.